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About is the official information portal and platform for transparent solar technologies, cells, panels and products which can produce clean renewable energy. Great for energy-saving houses, public transport stations, cars, trains or trams. Build new buildings with sustainable transparent solar glass and solar windows or upgrade displays, windows or other surfaces with thin and flexible transparent solar cells. There are many advantages and possibilities. The project pages are in development or progress and want to inform about the actual developments and best of transparent solar products.

The pages,,,,,,,,,, are saved by international rights,  the projects declared and claimed Trademark Rights. The official Transparent Solar™ projects, main information platform, network portal and organisation were founded by Oliver Caplikas in 2016, also the page.

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Today we close the invitations. Got some interesting offers, not just for the transparent solar projects. Thousands of info mails have been sent to different branches and industries like the automobile, aviation, building, glass, doors and windows industry. Hope the most got and read the emails in due time, because the sales offer runs only until 22. October 2017! After that date the projects and domains won’t be sold, use your chance or opportunity before it is to late.

Investments, different kind of cooperations and partnerships are of course still possible. Help and support us to be the most successful startup of the year and perhaps even in history. Be a part of the company and projects right from the very start. aims to become one of the Top 10 Solar Startups.

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Update 18.10.2017:

The domain price for is now around 125.000 USD!

The price for the complete project with all domains is 255.000 USD.