Solar Glas the German Platform for Solar Glass and Solar Windows

The founder of Transparent Solar founded the project, startup and main page for Solar Glas, the offical German platform for solar glass, solar windows and any kind of transparent solar products. And again, the best time to invest is now. Be a pioneer, man or woman of the first hour and take your chance to enter the new solar market and future business. Apply for investment and partnership, many cooperations and partnerships are still possible. If the whole project will be sold then we can’t guarantee such good entry conditions anymore.

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With best regards, the founder Oliver Gediminas Caplikas.


Welcome to the Official Solar Platform for Transparent Solar Technologies is the official information portal and platform for transparent solar technologies like transparent solar cells, solar panels and solar products which can produce clean renewable energy. Great for energy-saving houses, public transport stations, cars, trains or trams. Build new buildings with sustainable transparent solar glass and solar windows or upgrade displays, windows or other surfaces with thin and flexible transparent solar cells. There are many advantages and possibilities. The project pages are in development or progress and want to inform about the actual developments and best of transparent solar products. Further more efficient methods and techniques are being researched for completely transparent and flexible solar cells as well as transparent solar foils or films.

The pages,,,,,,,,,, are saved by international rights,  the projects declared and claimed Trademark Rights. The official Transparent Solar™ projects, main information platform, network portal, organisation and startup were founded and initiated by Oliver Caplikas from Leipzig in 2016, also the page.

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