Truth and Facts about Solar Manufacturing, Toxic Chemicals in Solar Production and Pollution by Solar Industry

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Solar energy is the best, really clean and sustainable. Much people thinking or acting so unilaterally or very one-sided and ignorant. Many don’t want to see another perspectives or the whole truth, it’s a main problem in today’s society, the unilateral or dual thinking – good and bad, black and white, negative and positive. Of course it’s always good to do or to make it better. We all like sustainable and transparent solar energy developments – the good side of the solar branch. But there is a bad, mad or dark side. The destruction and pollution caused by the solar industry.

Solar cell and solar panel production, unclean solar technologies, bad or cheap solar systems are problems. Toxic waste, questionable marginal products and by-side products are problems, too. Another problems are ecologically harmful materials, toxic substances, bad resources, procurement and production processes. There are much more aspects and facts that one think. Remember these words and always ask, look yourself for the real truth.  Is the solar energy really clean? The solar technology and solar industry is really clean sustainable cleantech? These questions we want to solve today and showing some alternatives, innovative ideas and solutions.

Many materials and technologies for the production of solar cells, solar panels or other solar products are toxic, not clean and not harmless. The material procurement and sourcing, the manufacturing or production of solar products should be really clean and ecologically safe for the nature, human and environments. Oil, plastics, toxic elements, alarming chemicals, questionable production methods and dubios or criminal business methods in the solar branch are a problem for the humanity and the ‘Clean Solar Energy“ image. Also similar developments or processes related or in connection with solar energy or solar industry are not all clean. Just think about all the solar batteries, different solar systems and solar recycling on market. Are they really clean and sustainable? Never forget to criticise or question! It is one important point and the motto of Transparent Solar. Promote or support an informative, innovative and transparent work. Use improvement and optimization potentials. There are good developments and movements to change, enhance and to improve production with better efficiency, flexible materials, clean technologies and environmental sustainability – if possible.

Transparency in economic, social and scientific branch are in general important fields, so like really clean and sustainable production methods and processes. A goal of Transparent Solar projects and partners is to reduce the opacity or intransparency of the solar branch by informative or transparent work. All good institutions and organisations are welcome to be a Transparent Solar Partner. We just work with absolute top and sustainable companies.

Not welcome are bad firms or mad persons who are corrupt, ignorant or criminal and wasting the nature, planet earth and us all! Maybe there is a chance if they change completely. Exchange and replace harmful or negative factors.

Different kinds of collaborations, cooperations and partnerships are possbile. Each active or constructive feedback and support is welcome!

Join our network and platform with best of experts and partners.

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Startup from Leipzig for Sustainable and Transparent Solar Technologies

News and Press Release for Transparent Solar:

Startup from Leipzig Develops Platform for Sustainable and Transparent Solar Technologies

Research, Science and Innovation on Transparent Solar Technology.

The German Startup Transparent Solar from Leipzig researches, studies and reports on transparent solar technology. The transparent solar projects, the official German and English information platform, the network portal and the organization were founded and initiated by Oliver Gediminas Caplikas in Germany in 2016 and 2017.

Transparent Solar is the official information portal and platform for transparent solar technologies like transparent solar cells, solar panels and solar products which can produce clean renewable energy. Great for energy-saving houses, public transport stations, cars, trains or trams. Build new buildings with sustainable transparent solar glass and solar windows or upgrade displays, windows or other surfaces with thin and flexible transparent solar cells. There are many advantages and possibilities. The project pages are in development or progress and want to inform about the actual developments and best of transparent solar products. Further more efficient methods and techniques are being researched for completely transparent and flexible solar cells as well as transparent solar foils or films.

Public infrastructures such as future-oriented transport stations are also built with solar glass. Architecture and all possible buildings can be equipped or enhanced with thin, flexible and transparent solar cells or transparent solar panels. Architects, designers, builders or owners of real estate can build more sustainable and energy-saving buildings with solar glass or solar energy windows. Transparent and semitransparent solar collectors are used not only in architecture, but also in many other areas. Transparent Solar is the future of solar technology and solar cities.

Buildings with sustainable energy supply through transparent solar glass and solar windows support climate and environmental protection, reduce the heating of cities and reduce global warming. Transparent solar displays for smartphones and tablets, windows or other surfaces with thin and flexible transparent solar cells are the future, too. There are many other advantages and possibilities to work with transparent solar cells and transparent solar modules.

The project and the pages are constantly developing and will provide information on current and future developments and transparent solar products. To this end, further efficient methods and potential techniques for completely transparent and flexible solar cells as well as transparent solar films are being researched. Organic photovoltaics and other solar innovations are analyzed as well. We constantly and extensively research and inform about interesting and potential developments.

The researcher and founder of Transparent Solar has also founded the projects and official pages SolarBrille and SolarGlas. These are the German platforms for solar glasses, solar glass, solar windows and other transparent solar products. Dealers and producers of transparent solar products from all over the world are very welcome! Transparent Solar invites investors, sponsors and partners to participate in the research, information and sales platform.

An important goal is the creation of a network of experts  and scientists from all over the world. Transparent Solar wants to promote a transparent, clean and strong solar branch or industry. The idea is to create a label or certificate for transparent and truly clean solar companies – a transparent product development process, from procurement and production to sales. Any active support and constructive feedback is welcome.

Maybe let’s do a solar exhibition or solar event at Leipzig Trade Fair.

Further information will be published in the future on the official pages.

Transparent Solar Investment and Sales Offer Opportunities

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Solar Glas the German Platform for Solar Glass and Solar Windows

The founder of Transparent Solar founded the project, startup and main page for Solar Glas, the offical German platform for solar glass, solar windows and any kind of transparent solar products. And again, the best time to invest is now. Be a pioneer, man or woman of the first hour and take your chance to enter the new solar market and future business. Apply for investment and partnership, many cooperations and partnerships are still possible. If the whole project will be sold then we can’t guarantee such good entry conditions anymore.

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Transparent Solar Projects Investment and Sales Offer News

Today we close the invitations. Got some interesting offers, not just for the transparent solar projects. Thousands of info mails have been sent to different branches and industries like the automobile, aviation, building, glass, doors and windows industry. Hope the most got and read the emails in due time, because the sales offer runs only until 22. October 2017! After that date the projects and domains won’t be sold, use your chance or opportunity before it is to late.

Investments, different kind of cooperations and partnerships are of course still possible. Help and support us to be the most successful startup of the year and perhaps even in history. Be a part of the company and projects right from the very start. aims to become one of the Top 10 Solar Startups. Invitations for awards, contests and prices are welcome!

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Transparent Solar from Leipzig informs about sustainable transparent solar technologies, materials and products like solar glass and solar windows or solar displays and other solar surfaces with thin and flexible transparent solar cells. There are many advantages and possibilities. The project pages are in development or progress and want to inform about the actual developments and best of transparent solar products. Further more efficient methods and techniques are being researched for completely transparent and flexible solar cells as well as transparent solar foils or films.