Truth and Facts about Solar Manufacturing, Toxic Chemicals in Solar Production and Pollution by Solar Industry

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Solar energy is the best, really clean and sustainable. Much people thinking or acting so unilaterally or very one-sided and ignorant. Many don’t want to see another perspectives or the whole truth, it’s a main problem in today’s society, the unilateral or dual thinking – good and bad, black and white, negative and positive. Of course it’s always good to do or to make it better. We all like sustainable and transparent solar energy developments – the good side of the solar branch. But there is a bad, mad or dark side. The destruction and pollution caused by the solar industry.

Solar cell and solar panel production, unclean solar technologies, bad or cheap solar systems are problems. Toxic waste, questionable marginal products and by-side products are problems, too. Another problems are ecologically harmful materials, toxic substances, bad resources, procurement and production processes. There are much more aspects and facts that one think. Remember these words and always ask, look yourself for the real truth.  Is the solar energy really clean? The solar technology and solar industry is really clean sustainable cleantech? These questions we want to solve today and showing some alternatives, innovative ideas and solutions.

Many materials and technologies for the production of solar cells, solar panels or other solar products are toxic, not clean and not harmless. The material procurement and sourcing, the manufacturing or production of solar products should be really clean and ecologically safe for the nature, human and environments. Oil, plastics, toxic elements, alarming chemicals, questionable production methods and dubios or criminal business methods in the solar branch are a problem for the humanity and the ‘Clean Solar Energy“ image. Also similar developments or processes related or in connection with solar energy or solar industry are not all clean. Just think about all the solar batteries, different solar systems and solar recycling on market. Are they really clean and sustainable? Never forget to criticise or question! It is one important point and the motto of Transparent Solar. Promote or support an informative, innovative and transparent work. Use improvement and optimization potentials. There are good developments and movements to change, enhance and to improve production with better efficiency, flexible materials, clean technologies and environmental sustainability – if possible.

Transparency in economic, social and scientific branch are in general important fields, so like really clean and sustainable production methods and processes. A goal of Transparent Solar projects and partners is to reduce the opacity or intransparency of the solar branch by informative or transparent work. All good institutions and organisations are welcome to be a Transparent Solar Partner. We just work with absolute top and sustainable companies.

Not welcome are bad firms or mad persons who are corrupt, ignorant or criminal and wasting the nature, planet earth and us all! Maybe there is a chance if they change completely. Exchange and replace harmful or negative factors.

Different kinds of collaborations, cooperations and partnerships are possbile. Each active or constructive feedback and support is welcome!

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