Transparent Solar Startup Projects Sale and Investment Opportunity

Transparent Solar Startup Projects Sale, Investment and Buying Opportunity³

This is an official investment offer and sales offer for the official Transparent Solar Projects, the main pages and domains – are still for sale:

The domain price for is around 80.000 USD. It is no fixed price, all domain or sale prices can be negotiated.

The importance of the new and next generation of solar energy is rising daily, so like the price.  To say it realistic, it’s like a new market or pioneer share. This year will be the best time window to invest, but the best time is now!

If you can’t invest or buy. Many kind of cooperations and investments are possible. If there will be more or better partnership or investment offers the project won’t be sold. It depends on the sale offers.

The actual offer will run around a month, to be fair to all parties who are informed, got an infomail or offer.  If there is no buyer for the domain(s) or complete project in October the project won’t be sold for an indefinite time. Commission for real concrete advices, recommendations and successful sales or investments are possible. There are many bonuses and extras with these projects! Investors, partners or buyer will get a premium package with much more you can imagine. Including informing over 30.000 top contacts in different kind of industries, connected with solar technology and other branches like IT, Hightech, Architecture and Building Industry.

We will announce more information or details at the right time.

Feel free to share, for the good or to do something good.

Wish everybody a great time!

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